Rabbit Jumping UK


Honley '10:

9 rabbits entered at Honley Agricultural Show, on the 12th of June.

1st - A REW Cross Breed - 10.3 seconds
2nd - Ann Daniels' Lion Lop (Ben) - 13.4 seconds
3rd - Maureen Hoyle's Mini Lop - 22 seconds

1st - Emma Lassey's Dutch (Jasper) - 10.1 seconds
2nd - Charlotte's Dutch - 23.2 seconds
3rd - Demi's Broken Black Cross Breed (Flash) - 26.3 seconds

1st - Vivien Jamieson's N. Dwarf (Rowan) - 12.7 seconds
2nd - Demi's Agouti Cross Breed (Harley) - 12.9 seconds

1st - Demi's Agouti Cross Breed (Harley) - 41.5cm high
2nd - Vivien Jamieson's N. Dwarf (Rowan - 31.5cm high

Bradford '10:

There were 8 rabbits entered at Bradford Championship Show, on the 30th and 31st January 10. It was the third ever Rabbit Jumping competition in the UK.

Comp 1 - 1) Flash, 2) Mini Adidas, 3) Rowan
Comp 2 - 1) Joint Harley and Mini Adidas, 2) Rowan, 3) Baby Marmaduke
Comp 3 - 1) Rowan, 2) Harley, 3) Mini Adidas
Comp 4 - 1) Mini Adidas, 2) Rowan, 3) Harley
Overall - 1) Mini Adidas, 2) Rowan, 3) Harley

London '09:

Our first display was at London Championship Show, on Sunday the 13th of September. The rabbits jumping were Demi's Flash and Harley, and Nicole Barrett's Baby Marmaduke.

Emley '09:

There were 7 rabbits entered at Emley Agricultural Show, on the 1st August '09. It was the second ever Rabbit Jumping competition in the UK.

1st - Demi's Harley (Large adult)
2nd - Demi's Flash (Small adult)
3rd - Demi's Jez (Baby)

Honley '09:

There were 10 rabbits entered at Honley Agricultural Show, on the 13th June '09. It was the first ever Rabbit Jumping competition in the UK.

Over 12's:
Best Small Rabbit - Amy Barrett
Best Large Rabbit - Sam Craven
Under 12's:
Best Small Rabbit - Isabelle Seabridge

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